Preliminary Results of “Mongolia Water Security Assessment”, (TA-8855) project, funded by the ADB.


Since 2015, the Mongolia Water Forum -Uskhelts is jointly implementing the ADB funded project (TA-8855)  “Mongolia Water Security Assessment” in cooperation with the FCG Anzdec LLC (New Zealand) under overall supervision of the Ministry of Environment and Tourism of Mongolia.

Given the rapidly changing growth dynamics and the pressing need to integrate sustainable development planning, the ADB and the Government of Mongolia have agreed to conduct a Country Water Security Assessment (CWSA) for Mongolia. The ADB provided Technical Assistant (TA) for the CWSA, which will be used to improve policies and strategies in the water sector, particularly to improve national water security and deal with water scarcity. The Mongolia CWSA will also support the preparation of a national water security management strategy, and will ensure that ADB’s strategy and programs respond to water security challenges in Mongolia and are consistent with Mongolia’s water policy directions.

The assessment aimed to adopt the five-dimension framework which is presented in the Asian Water Development Outlook 2013 (AWDO). The AWDO-2013 measures water security in five dimensions:  1) household water security, 2) economic water security, 3) urban water security, 4) environmental water security, and 5) resilience to water-related disasters. This five-dimension framework provides a good basis for the regional developing member countries to conduct country water security assessment.

Download Poster in PDF format:  Methodology and Preliminary Key Results




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