What We Do?

Mongolia Water Forum-Uskhelts (MWF) is a national NGO, established in 2012. The mission of the NGO is to ensure a high-level public involvement and ownership over the environment and water-related activities as a way to ensure their viability over the long term. Functioning as an environmental think-tank, the MWF gathers knowledge from other, environment-water-related sectors, regarding the environment-water issues and their positive participation in solving these problems. Supports national activities and events on water-environment-climate change issues, including capacity development and awareness-raising activities through workshops and training.

Since our establishment, the MWF has been active in environment-water issues in 10 river basins, including the Lake Khuvsgul -Eg River, Ider, Delgermuren, Eree, Kharkhiraa, Turgen, Kherleh, Tuul, Lake Boontsagaan-Baidrag, Lake Khar -Khovd, Galba Uush-Dolood Gobi Bains completing 15 projects, at national level as well as river basin level. These projects have focused on country water security assessments, socio-economic analysis at river basin level, water resources baseline study, integrated environment, natural resource and water resources management, environment-water quality assessment, and training for government and local communities. These projects cover technical assistance, research, and capacity building. The MWF has contributed to sustainable environmental and water management by building partnerships with government organizations, research institutions, and a wide range of the community organizations.

The MWF brings a highly valuable domestic view through our extensive and proven local experience in the environment-water sector by means of a well-established network of local specialists and partner organizations, familiarity with the customs, practices, and challenges facing environment-water resources management in Mongolia.

River Basins covered by MWF studies and trainings, 2012-2018.

Map for MWF study areas